How to Add Personalized Recruiting to Land a Killer Candidate

Personalized Recruiting attracts top talent

With the sheer amount of companies out there, the level of competition for snatching up good potential employees has skyrocketed. Companies are going after Millennials, and rightfully so. They’re quick on their feet, closer to the target market, and arguably more knowledgeable of the latest advances in the world of technology and communication.

One of the most vital things a recruiter should remember is that no one wants to feel like a number. Or worse, just another name in a stack full of resumes. Candidates today want a more personalized interaction throughout the recruiting process. In this candidate focused job market – they’re able to demand one. Here are some things that you as a recruiter can do in order to put a personal spin on your recruiting tactics:

Make a Detailed Job Description

Since this is likely the first interaction you will have with potential candidates, ensure that it’s thorough! Vague descriptions will make candidates say “next”. Vague descriptions A.) don’t provide enough information going into the interview/next point of contact, and B.) they show the candidate that the employer’s priority probably isn’t filling that position. Job seekers are less likely to apply if your description looks like every other generic job posting they come across.

Utilize Video                      

Just as agency recruiters use video to enlarge their candidate pipelines, so can your organization. Does your sales or customer service team need to scale quickly? Have your department leader film a video to prospective employees describing why they should consider this opportunity and apply for a role at your company. Through video, your leader’s energy and enthusiasm for your organization will be contagious. This enthusiasm, in turn, increases interest in your company and applications for that role.

More Avenues for Human Interaction

Get your recruiting soldiers out to the front lines! Send your recruiters to networking events, job fairs, and college campuses. Face-to-face meetings are everything when it comes to connecting with potential candidates. No matter how brief.  Not only do they allow job seekers to get a feel for the general energy/personality of a company, it allows employers to see how well a potential applicant can converse, deliver an elevator pitch, and essentially “sell” themselves.

This is key if you are looking to fill positions in your sales and marketing department. If they can sell themselves on you, they’ll likely thrive in selling your product or service. Incorporating this kind of strategy also gets your brand out there and can earn your company a good reputation in the recruiting world.

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