Tips for Hiring Productive Employees

Puzzle with Bob Adams quote

When growing your business, perhaps the biggest challenge is acquiring good people. And not just good people – productive employees. Having a small but efficient staff is a hundred times more valuable than employing a more sizeable staff of people who can’t get the job done in a timely manner. So how do you find that narrow core team?

Understand the Role

According to Bob Adams, a journalist for, understanding the role you’re trying to fill is the most essential piece of the hiring puzzle. It sounds obvious, but having complete knowledge of the role give you an advantage in hiring. It allows you, as a recruiter, to better detect the experience, skillset, personality type, and general characteristics needed for an individual in that role to thrive. This is even more crucial if it is a new position that has never been filled before.

Be Straight Forward

Adams also states that phone interviews are critical. Their availability to talk on the phone is a sign of how motivated they are about coming to work for you. Take note of this. While on the phone with a potential candidate, be sure to cover the essentials quickly. Discuss salary, availability, etc. from the get-go. Save yourself from wasting time talking to someone who isn’t on board with those administrative things.

Be Humble

Finally, he suggests that recruiters “be humble in hiring.” Ascertain the real reason the candidate is looking for employment at your business. If they are able to express genuine interest in not only the company but the position, there is a better chance that they’re not looking at this position as a mere stepping stone in their career. Lastly, sometimes it’s better to search for the candidate who will work hard for an extended amount of time rather than the candidate who seems to be the most qualified on paper. This is possibly the most important thing to remember after you’ve narrowed down your stack of resumes and are in the midst of the face-to-face interviews phase.

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