Infographic: Hiring Generation Z

All through July, we talked about Generation Z and what we should expect as they enter the workforce. While there’s plenty to learn about these tech-savvy, self-starters, we wanted to break down the important facts and figures that shape them in a quick Gen Z Recap.

Read through our handy infographic and learn what motivates, inspires, attracts and repels Generation Z. Most importantly, learn why you should be hiring Generation Z.

For those that missed the three-part blog series, here’s a quick synopsis:

Part One: Who is Generation Z?

In part one, we talked about Generation Z and how they got to be the way they are. Basically, they are influenced by technology and driven by making an impact. These are not clock punchers. They want to make a difference with their time and energy.

We also talked about where to find them online and how to appeal to them to apply for your open positions. The competition is fierce out there and to attract the best you have to do a little self-promotion. Know what’s appealing and highlight the best attributes of joining your team. If you want a deep dive on the topic head on over here.

Part Two: A Good Team is a Diverse Team

Okay, so in part one we went over who they are and what they want, but do you even want them on your team? In part two we break down what motivates them, but more importantly how this benefits you. Yes, it’s good to know they are largely self-sufficient, but that gives you a team player willing to find the answers themselves, not depend on you or senior staff to help them along. Pretty good for a new hire, right? When you’re ready to read on, follow this link.

Part Three: The Good and The Bad Habits

So up to this point, I’ve unintentionally made Generation Z sound like the best generation to join the workforce ever. The truth is, like all people from all generations, they have flaws. But good news! Just like you and I, they will grow and learn as they enter the workforce. If you think back to your first job out of college, odds are there were challenges and things you were just plain bad at. In part three, we talk about the good and bad of their attributes.

As I mentioned, it’s awesome to have a tech savvy member of the team, but they also have shorter attention spans and a recent study found 79 percent of young people displayed symptoms of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices.

So if you can deal with a little phone separation anxiety, Generation Z is a valuable asset to your team. If you have some positions to fill – get hiring!

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