5 Reasons to Welcome the End of Summer

Back to school and back to the grind. Whether we like it or not summer is coming to an end. With a new season upon us, some other changes are coming our way as well. I know we all love summer, sunshine and the chance to take a little break, but there are some good things about leaving the swimsuits and flip flops behind and falling into autumn.

The kids go back to school:

Ask most parents, and while they do love their kids and enjoy having them home for the summer, it is a bit of a relief to pack the backpack and send them on their way to the bus in the morning. Not only does it give parents some peace and quiet, it helps everyone get back to a schedule. Being a working parent is tough, especially in the summer without the structure of school. With summer ending, things start to return to normal. Until the sports schedule starts up that is.

In Office:

Many working professionals take time off in the summer, and hey we don’t blame them! It is challenging, however, to track people down sometimes during the peak vacation months. As the temperature drops, the out of office messages slow down as well. This makes it easier for everyone to work together, faster. Of course, there are holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but those holidays generally create synced-up schedules. During the summer it seems like at least one person is out at any given time.


We talked a little about structure already, but there is a physiological side to this point as well. Long days are great and who doesn’t love waking up to the sun? But falling asleep with the sun out just feels wrong. This leads to later bedtimes in the summer and less restful sleep. In general, we are less-productive workers in the summer. Gazing out the window, daydreaming about being out in the beautiful weather tends to slow people down.


Now this one doesn’t apply to everyone, but for die-hard fans, football season is definitely a plus for the coming of fall! It’s great to break out the football jersey and plan your next Sunday night football party. If football isn’t your thing, you have the start of new episodes for your favorite TV shows.

Office Air Conditioning:

For some reason, workplace air conditioning seems much colder in the summer. The extreme of coming into a freezing building from extreme heat outside is more than uncomfortable. The fall season makes it easier to layer clothes and stay comfortable all day long, inside and outside.

Whether we like it or not, summer will eventually end. We might as well make the best of it and look forward to all the fun things to do in the fall! Before the sun sets on summer for good, take a glance over our summer fun checklist and make sure you get the most done this season! If hiring is on your fall planning list, give us a call and we would be happy to set you up with a free, one week trial to get some great applicants for your open positions!

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